Intervening Spaces


A generative program connects to the choreographic movements of a dancer and fills in a geometrically confined space with growing structures. The virtual becomes physical, the digital and its algorithms leave their mark. Intervening Spaces uses the expanded role of the stage as a conjoining element between new media, fashion and dance.

Stage Design

The performance is an exploration of a stage design where its action dictates the appearance of the stage itself. Therefore the storyline is not predefined but rather generated in the meanwhile. Since this is hardly possible in real time the performance is divided into two stages. Another investigation took place in the relation of movement and space and how one could influence the other.

Virtual Data

In the beginning a dancer finds herself in the middle of an empty space. We created a system based on two kincets to locate her position and track her activity. This data is transferred into a virtual replication of the physical space which measures 4x4x3 meters. An organic structure based on polygons is growing in the virtual space affected by the dance improvisation. The scenery manifest over time. The subsequent stage allows a shift of the collected data and the virtually grown structure to the physical space which limits ability to move without hindrance.

Digital Fabrication

To build the stage we unfolded the whole structure into single polygons. Every polygon has its own unique Id and three edge Ids of its neighbor triangles. For each edge, a clip was generated with the appropriate angle between the triangles. All parts were assembled on cardboard sheets and cutted out by a laser cutter. After sorting all parts the finale scenery could assembled in physical space.

Project Heads
  • Jasmin Rumpf
  • Sebastian Brad
  • Vinicius Giusti
  • Lukas Zerbst
  • Malte Ellberg
  • Prof. Dennis Paul
  • Prof. Roland Lambrette
  • Prof. Kai Lehmann
  • Malte Buttjer
  • Lisa Chicowitz
  • Fiona Dietsche
  • Thomas Ganser
  • Felix Heibeck
  • Marcel Helmer
  • Julian Hespenheide
  • Malte Nolan
  • Jessica Schaar
  • Jenny Strauer
  • Philip Wagner
  • Nicky Weber
  • Sue Wendlandt
  • Lisa Wiedekamm
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